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The Industrial Revolution was an important turning point in history which allows us to have all these machines today for the betterment and easing of our lives. Many inventions made during this period of time are some of the most beneficial things that we have which most of us take to be something simple and non-creative and new. However, without the Industrial Revolution, these so-called "simple" things would never have existed and that resource would be unavailable to us. The very computer I have typed this on is an indirect product of the hard work of inventors during the Industrial Revolution. So many things that people take for granted were really exciting inventions when they first came out with them. Things like the steam engine and trains may not seem so great now because we have newer and better models and things but they were the precursors to the new technology that we have today. Those old machines paved the road for the new machines such as the plane and car engines to have come into existence. So what impact has the Industrial Revolution on this present day world of ours? All the things that have happened during that time has been a great help to the economics of our world today, to the jobs we have today, to our technology, our education, our working conditions, all those things have been good for the nations who participated in the Industrial Revolution. The great inventors of that time have helped to improve our quality of life in the present and that is a great impact for anyone to have.

[Overview of the Entire Industrial Revolution]

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