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Another very important monopoly was in Upstate New York in the city of Glens Falls in 1865. It was started by Pruyn and Finch with an old sawmill hard by the Hudson River. They turned Adirondack logs into homes and businesses for a nation ready to leave behind the Civil War.  After a few years of hard work, Pruyn and Finch laid the foundation for a tradition of industrial innovation and corporate leadership that countinues today- the tradition of Finch, Pruyn & Co., Inc.

The year 1865 was a year of momenous changes across the country, a period still unsurpassed as a time of national historic consequence. The Civil War had just ended ad Abraham Lincoln was killed. Immigration brought hundreds of thousands of people, yearning for freedom, believing that America was the place with golden paved streets. Major Southern buildings were rebuilding, while thousands of Americans headed west in serach of new homes and new beginnings. Admist all of this chaos the Industrial Revolution was taking shape. Glen Falls, a small but bustling city looked at a daunting tasks themselves, starting anew in the aftermath of a devastating fire which destroyed much of the city's downtown portion the year before.

After purchasing the building and land known as Glen Falls Co., the Finches and Pruyn quickly put the saw mill back into operation and began to build what would become the largest lumber business on the Hudson River. They were supported by the vast Adirondack timber holdings.

As the nation grew and changed over the years. Finch and Pruyn's product evovled as well, from newsprint to groundwood printing paper to today's premium uncoated free sheet grades. Today the company is still owned by descendants of Pruyn and Finch. More than 1000 locals still find employment within the company's walls and forests, and the founders philosophy of continued growth through qualities and customer service still exists today.

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